асс. Др. Борче Петковски

асс. Др. Борче Петковски

Biographical data and education

Doctor Borce Petkovski was born on June 5, 1980 in Skopje, where he completed his primary and secondary education.

He enrolled at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje in 1998. He graduated in 2004.

On November 10, 2010 he completed the specialist exam in the specialty of Orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje and acquired the title Specialist in Orthodontics.

In 2006 he enrolled in Master studies at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje and completed them on February 17, 2015 with an average grade of 9.57 and with the defense of the master's thesis entitled "The prevalence of malocclusions, functional disorders and the need for orthodontic treatment in children aged 8 to 18".

From October 26, 2005 until April 14, 2008 he worked as a Doctor of Dentistry in PHI "Sabodent", and from April 16, 2011 to present day he is employed as a specialist in orthodontics at the University Dental Clinical Center Prof. Dr. Bojo Andreski in Skopje.

He speaks fluent English and has a solid level of computer skills.

Scientific, professional, pedagogical and other achievements

Professional-applicative activity and activity of wider interest

Dr. Borce Petkovski is actively involved in the professional-applied work of the Clinic of Orthodontics at the University Dental Clinical Center Prof. Dr. Bojo Andreski and during the past years attended a number of courses, seminars, symposia, and congresses in the country and abroad, is the author of numerous papers, from which he obtained appropriate certificates. He took part in the following:

-First International Congress of the Macedonian Orthodontic Association with international participation, Ohrid, May 2008;

- Educational course "The myofunctional impact of the development of facial structures on teeth", Skopje, October 2008;

- Course for straight arch technique, Skopje, October 2009;

- Symposium "Detection, prevention and treatment of impacted teeth", Skopje, April 2011;

- Orthodontics seminar "From colleagues to colleagues", Mavrovo, October 2011;

-continuous dental education "Application of Oralcept spray after oral surgery", Skopje, December 2011;

-Second International Congress of the Macedonian Orthodontic Society with International Participation, Skopje, May 2012;

- Symposium "Aesthetic dentistry from practice to practice", Kumanovo, November 2012;

- Symposium "Biometric orthodontics - modern application of orthodontic mini implants and mini plates", Zagreb, April 2013;

- Post-educational seminar "Contemporary aspects of conservative dentistry", Skopje, October 2013;

- Symposium "Modern technologies in orthodontics", Skopje, November 2013;

- Course "Why every patient is a Damon case", Skopje, May 2014;

- Symposium "Where is orthodontics heading today: dilemmas, challenges and solutions", Skopje, June 2014;

- In Office course "Damon system therapy", Skopje, June 2014;

- Symposium "Contemporary aspects in the therapy of orthodontic anomalies", Dojran, October 2014;

- Course "Orapix Jig System- 3D CAD / CAM for indirect positioning of labial and STB lingual braces", Skopje, November 2014;

- Symposium "Responsibility of the dentist in solving problems in everyday practice", Skopje, December 2014;

- Course "Biomechanics for top quality efficiency in orthodontic therapy", Skopje, March 2016;

- Third Congress of the Association of Orthodontic Specialists at MSD with international participation, Ohrid, May 2016;

- Course / workshop "Basics of orthodontics: From the concept of straight arch technique to modern support devices", Ohrid, May 2016;

Participation in papers:

1. - Maja Pop Stefanova-Trposka, Olivera Sarakinova, Biljana Bogdanovska, Snezana Dimitroska, Borce Petkovski: Presence of Streptococcus Mutans and accumulation of plaque in children with and without orthodontic appliances. Physioacta 2018; Vol 12 (3): 111-119.

2. - Borce Petkovski, Maja Pop Stefanova-Trposka, Snezana Dimitroska: Multidisciplinary approach in treating hypodontia case report, Faculty of Dentistry, EURM Skopje, Department of Orthodontics, Poster presentation on Second Congress of Balkan association of orthodontic specialists 2019, Ohrid.